How to Grill Safely

  • Feb 22, 2023

When cooking food for family or friends at a BBQ, you always want to consider food safety. If you know how to handle preparation and possible dangers, you can keep everyone healthy and happy. A BBQ is supposed to be fun, after all! Your goal is to stop bacteria from multiplying before you start grilling.

Here are 8 tips on how to grill safely:

1.     Separate Packages of Raw Meat – When you purchase meat, chicken or seafood, keep them in individual bags to avoid early cross-contamination.

2.     Refrigerate / Chill – Take the meat out of the refrigerator when ready to grill.

3.     Defrosting / Marinating – Since germs can multiply at room temperature, only thaw and marinate food safely in the refrigerator, cold water or microwave. 

4.     Cleaning – Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands, work surfaces, tools, and grill before and after cooking. If you use a wire bristle brush to clean, be careful of any bristles that may be stuck on the grill.

5.     Avoid Cross-Contamination – Make sure fresh and raw food don't touch each other.

6.     Use a Food Thermometer – Helpful in determining if meat is cooked enough.

7.     Plating – Place grilled food on a new plate instead of the plate used when they are raw.

8.     Leftovers – If cooked meat has been out for two hours, throw it in the garbage. If not, cover it and put it in the fridge.

With these tips, you'll be ready to grill meat at your next BBQ! Need a shiny new spatula? Check out our featured product, an XL BBQ Spatula! Plus, you get a laser-engraved logo. Call us to place your order at 306.249.4318. Please let us know if you have any questions.

- Team MOBO

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