Your Guide to Promo Drinkware

  • Oct 4, 2023


Customized drinkware is an ever-popular option in giveaways, corporate gifts, and merch for your business. Everyone will appreciate a functional and eco-friendly item that they can use daily. Promotional drinkware is effective in that they provide value, drive consumers to your business, expand your reach and boost brand recognition.


With this guide to promotional drinkware, you will learn the differences between the various styles of cups and how each one can benefit your brand.




A tumbler is an insulated piece of drinkware made of high-quality material that can handle hot and cold drinks. They are a perfect gift for anyone who likes to drink on the go. There are a variety of customizable options from design to color. Tumblers are not only stylish, but they are also durable and long-lasting. They are among the most popular drinkware and this is true for people of all ages.




A mug is a type of cup used for hot drinks, such as coffee, hot chocolate or tea. They can also be used as penholders or decorative pieces. Mugs have a low production cost and can be personalized to reflect your brand. White ceramic mugs in particular are an affordable option for any business. Mugs are common gifts, so we often associate them with a cherished person, place or time.


Water Bottles


A water bottle is a container that is used to hold liquids, primarily water, while away from a water source. They are durable, long-lasting and easy to take on the go. Water bottles usually made of plastic, glass, metal or a combination of these materials. They are suited for everyone, from gym enthusiasts to students studying at school. By offering a water bottle which you take almost everywhere, you ensure that your target audience sees your brand every time they take a sip.


Note that these are not the only promotional drinkware items available – but some of the more popular ones. Need a suggestion? Check out our featured product, the Marina tumbler. Call us to place your order at 306.249.4318. We are happy to address any questions you may have.


- Team MOBO 



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