What to Do After a Workout

  • May 25, 2023

Maintaining your fitness doesn’t end after your workout routine. The steps after it are just as important. You need to set aside time to fuel and listen to your body for everyday performance. Here are some things you should do after your workout:

1.    Cool down – Your temperature rises when you exercise, so you need to allow your body to cool down. Otherwise, you might feel dizzy if you stop an intense workout suddenly. A slow walk on the treadmill is a great cool down exercise.

2.    Drink lots of water – Your body loses water when you work out, so you need enough fluids before and after exercise to prevent dehydration.

3.    Stretching – Muscles stretch best when they are warm after a workout. A good stretch can help decrease soreness and build your range of motion.

4.    Eat after your exercise – Eat a proper meal that has carbohydrates and protein right after your session. This is important to help your muscles recover. Some suggestions include yogurt and fruit or a recovery smoothie.

5.    Let your muscles recover – You need to give time for your muscles to heal and repair. More workouts aren’t always better. Try changing up your workouts each day so you are targeting a different group of muscles.

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- Team MOBO


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