What is Embossing & Debossing?

  • Oct 19, 2022

Good Day!

If you are not part of a printing company, you probably have not heard the words “emboss” and “deboss” until now. Embossing and debossing are decoration methods/design techniques that create depth and add style to products. These processes cannot be done without a machine. 

Here are the main differences between embossing and debossing:

Embossing raises the design from the product’s surface, while debossing presses down on it.

Embossing looks 3D and pops out, while debossing looks indented.

Embossing uses less heat than debossing.

Embossing works on almost all materials, while debossing on fabric and hard plastic is rugged.

Embossing uses two dies/plates while debossing only uses one die/plate.

Embossing is usually more expensive.

Embossing can have finer details than debossing.

Embossing is likely to affect the material’s back, while debossing does not.

Many materials that can have an embossed/debossed design, such as paper, cardstock, metal, fabric, leather, hard plastic, and food. The possibilities are endless!

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- Team MOBO


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