Tips for Healthy School Lunches

  • Aug 14, 2023

September is approaching, and the topic of back-to-school planning is just on the horizon. From school supplies shopping, practices, events and lunch preparation, parents can get easily overwhelmed. The goal for every parent is to ensure that their kid has a balanced and nutritious lunch. Here are some tips and school lunches to help you prepare for back to school.


  1. Pack the night before – Great way to lessen your tasks in the morning.
  2. Include grains, fruit, vegetables, and protein-rich foods.
  3. Choose water, milk or milk alternatives – Flavored juice and milk is okay but not a regular lunch option.
  4. Utilize leftovers – When making dinner, plan for extra, which you can use for your child's lunch. 
  5. Include your kids in planning – Kids can learn to help pack and pick out some items for their lunch. Try having them put their food in bags or containers. When they get older, they can pack themselves, which can help lessen some stress.


  1. Whole wheat bread, peanut butter, oranges, cucumber slices, and water/milk
  2. Greek yogurt, granola, carrots, grapes, muffin
  3. Cottage cheese, flavored sandwich crackers, strawberries, baby carrots
  4. Soft shell taco with beef, letter, cheese, tomato and sour cream
  5. Meatballs with sauce, cucumbers, tomato and feta

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- Team MOBO


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