The Benefits of Edible Promotions

  • Mar 8, 2022

Everyone loves gifts especially those that you can eat. In recent years, there’s been a big increase in branded edible gifts in the corporate world. Edible image printing allows logos and slogans to be easily printed and is a cost-effective marketing strategy. Edible promotions include tasty treats such as cookies, candies and chocolates. Many corporations have developed a strong product line in branded edible gifts for their corporate clients. So why should you consider incorporating edible promotions into your marketing strategy? Continue reading this blog to find out the benefits of branded edible promotions.

Build Brand Awareness

Handing out edible promotions puts your name out there and helps build your brand’s awareness. By receiving something free from your company, people will view your company in a positive way. This can be the starting point in developing new relationship and nurturing current ones. If your clients or employees receive high-quality branded edible treats from you, they associate your brand with positive feelings or appreciation and warmth.

Maintain Customer Loyalty

Customers who receive gifts are more likely to give you repeat business. Giving corporate gifts remind the receiver that their business is important to you. This is a positive feeling that increasing customer loyalty. Businesses that take the time to give out gifts are remembered and appreciated by potential and existing customers. For the receivers, you develop a positive perception of the giver. Chocolates, cookies or candy branded with your company logo are items that have crafted with care and presented beautifully to show your appreciation.  MOBO has a wide variety of edible promotions to choose from. We currently have this two-cookie set on special! Make sure to check that out after reading!

Cost Effective

Edible promotions are an incredibly cost-effective method of advertising. Because they are unique, thought and tasty they make a lasting impression. This makes the cost per impression less in comparison to other forms of mass media or targeted advertising.

Versatile Promotional Tools

Another benefit about edible promotions is that they are useful for nearly any marketing occasion. They can be used for thank you gifts, trade show giveaways, special occasions like birthdays, celebrations or end of year gifts. Employees and clients will appreciate being remembered on these special days.

No matter what industry you’re in, incorporating edible promotions into your marketing strategy is a winning idea. Your customers and employees will feel the heart-warming effects of receiving a thoughtful, attractive and tasty gift. It will help your business to show your appreciation in a way that will touch your target audiences and is a great way to shape a positive brand personality.

If you are interested in incorporating edible promotions into your marketing strategy and don’t know where to start, reach out to We would be delighted to work with you!


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