Single-use Breathalyzers 101

  • Apr 26, 2022

Be prepared and responsible if you’re hosting an event with alcohol. One way your company can do this is by having single-use breathalyzers available for your guests. An ideal prevention tool for your business. This product is essential if you are planning any office celebrations, golf tournaments, special meetings, wine and cheese tastings, galas, reunions, weddings and all other events where alcohol is served! So how does a single-use breathalyzer work?

What is a breathalyzer?

The operation of a single-use breathalyzer is very simple. The tube contains crystals that change color in the presence of ethanol. It allows you to measure a driver’s alcohol content in a few minutes and make an informed decision about safely operating a motor vehicle.

How to use a breathalyzer?

Single-use breathalyzers only consists of a tube. You must wait 20 minutes after the last consumption before performing a test. Breathalyzers containing chemical crystals are very easy to use. After pressing both ends to pierce the aluminum, simply blow into the tube twice, for 10 seconds each time, then wait 2 to 4 minutes to interpret the result. Depending on your alcohol level the crystals will be white (0.00), light pink (0.02), medium pink (0.05), or purple (0.08).

Factors that can falsify the result of a breathalyzer.

A breathalyzer must be used at least 20 minutes after the last alcohol is consumed otherwise the presence of alcohol vapors in the mouth can overestimate the blood alcohol level. However, blood alcohol levels may continue to rise for up to an hour after the last drink, especially if the drink occurred during a meal.

For smokers, wait five minutes after the last cigarette. Tobacco can in fact falsify the result of the alcohol test and mislead the driver. Finally, breathalyzers have operating temperatures that must be respected generally between 10 and 40 degrees Celsius.

The breathalyzer is a valuable ally of safe driving. Easy to use, reliable and economical, it is the ideal solution to ensure everyone’s safety. Whether you are a driver or an event organizer, using a single-use breathalyzer ensures everyone who gets behind the wheel is determined responsibly.

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