Promotional Bluetooth Speakers

  • Jul 6, 2022

Should you advertise on a giant billboard? TV screen? Maybe an ad on the internet? All of those ideas are fine, but in this day and age, shotgun advertising is losing its luster.

Google and Facebook are also reaping roughly 50% of all paid online advertising. It looks like it’s time to separate yourself from the pack a little bit. Those forms of advertising don’t stand out anymore.

Millennials don’t seem to trust ad companies’ tactics like they used to. So… what then? Put your money where their mouth is.

Everyone is talking about how Bluetooth technology is the future of sound. In a wireless world, Bluetooth appears to have its foothold on popular technology.

Here are 3 reasons why promotional Bluetooth speakers are the best option for your marketing choice.


The convenience for portable Bluetooth speakers is represented in their name. You can take them anywhere you want to go. There’s no hassle trying to hook them up to anything besides the charger before you leave.

With portable Bluetooth speakers, your audience won’t just see your name on their way to and from work. They’ll be advertising for you when they go camping, when they have a picnic in the park, or when they gather at a friend’s house.

A man walking down a hiking trail could be your new billboard. A woman skateboarding down the street bumping that new pop hit could be your new billboard. The list goes on and on.

Compared to other promotional gift ideas, portable Bluetooth speakers will exponentially improve your brand visibility.


Because of their portability and versatility, portable Bluetooth speakers are easy to use in multiples. Let’s say you give them to the top 30 sales employees in your company. Chances are, those salesmen socialize outside of work. Sales workers usually have a lot of friends (if they’re good salesmen).

The people who socialize with your sales force (potential clients) see that your employees are proudly displaying your company name. This builds trust in those leads. If your company’s employees are proud to display the company name, there must be a reason why.


With branded Bluetooth speakers, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with pairing your quality brand with another.

Because Bluetooth is considered the latest technology in sound, it is superior to wired speakers. Not only will you experience the convenience of a commodious product, but the experience of improved sound compared to what listeners used before. Talk about pairing quality with quality.

With your branded speakers, your target market will attach the improved quality that they are experiencing through the music to your brand, increasing their perception of your brand integrity.

It’s nice to advertise in flashy ways, but it’s pointless if your message doesn’t come across to the listener. With Bluetooth speakers that will never be the case.

If you're interested in incorporating portable Bluetooth speakers into your marketing strategy, make sure to check out our featured product of the week. This waterproof speaker features a braided rope lanyard and has IPX6 Waterproof. This speaker is easy to use and offers full-color decoration on the front speaker grill.

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