Potato Salad Safety

  • Jun 21, 2023

Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time for potato salad to take the spotlight. However, you do have to be aware of food safety. There are many stories where this lovable food brought an unhappy ending. Luckily for you, we are here to help spread awareness so that your family outing turns out great.

Potato salad shouldn’t sit out for more than two hours. This time lowers to one hour if you’re eating outside. The timer is ticking once you mix all the ingredients together. If you don’t plan on eating it right away, you should put it into a container and then into the fridge. The safe temperature is below 40F. If you’re bringing potato salad outside, then make sure to keep it chilled inside a cooler packed with ice or ice packs.

When buying potato salad at the store, the time limit applies as soon as you add it to your cart. Don’t purchase it if you plan to run multiple errands after the grocery store. You might just spoil the salad before you bring it home.

Potato salad always needs to be stored in the fridge. When potato salad is stored correctly, it should be good for around five days. If you’re unsure, then your best bet is to throw it out. Foodborne illness is undetectable by smell and appearance alone..

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- Team MOBO

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