November 2022 MOBO Pro Marketing Newsletter

  • Nov 1, 2022

Good day!

Last week, the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce shared the results of a recent city-wide survey done with 400 local businesses.  While the results showed that 71% of respondents were feeling optimistic about the economic outlook for the city, some key concerns were raised. Namely, will we be able to capitalize on these economic opportunities given the current labour challenges?

An impressive 52% surveyed expect their workforce to increase in 2023 which is a 40% increase from the year prior. However, only 34% were confident they will be able to find and hire the employees they need to grow their businesses.

The majority of respondents (56%) cited retaining existing staff as a key strategy followed by employee training and development (47%) to help fill the gaps in the skill sets required.

In July of this year Workramp cited the following 7 key factors that employees are looking for post-pandemic;

1.    Recognition & Appreciation

2.    Work-Life Balance & Personal Well-Being

3.    More Money & Benefits

4.    Job Stability & Security

5.    Inclusive Workforces

6.    Outcomes over output

7.    Career Growth & Development

MOBO helps clients with retention efforts each and every day through the services we provide:

·         Employee Recognition & Reward programs

·         Employee Service & Safety Award programs

·         Employee Apparel programs

·         Customized Web Stores for employees to access all of those programs (while freeing up valuable staff resources currently managing them)

·         Branded merchandise for staff conferences and training events

·         Branded merchandise for staff parties and holiday gifts

·         Personalized items with employee name

·         Customized programs for employee onboarding

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your strategies and the solutions we offer when it comes to retaining your talent pool! 

As always at this time of year we need to share with all of you the last date for Xmas deliveries. The deadline this year is November 14th, so please reach out to us now to avoid any potential disappointment.  If you are needing ideas, we are happy to help!  Give us a call or stop by the showroom during office hours.

Wishing everyone a great November!                     

-Team MOBO

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