New Year Resolutions

  • Jan 3, 2023

Happy New Year!

We hope this finds you well rested after a joyful Holiday Season and looking forward to 2023 as much as we are. With every new year comes the inevitable list of resolutions, both personal and professional for many of us.

The team at MOBO is making a conscience commitment to improve our communication processes in 2023 so that our customers are always updated on the status of their order.

There are many steps involved as you can well imagine and each represents an opportunity for things to go astray if not managed with the utmost care and attention.  We try our hardest to always ensure that our customers are not only satisfied but thrilled with their purchases which means us paying stringent attention to the smallest of details.

With the ongoing global supply chain issues, we are challenged to find creative solutions. We always somehow manage to do so through our group’s collective knowledge and insight. The word “solutions” is in our name for a reason.

It may be as simple as referring one another to a new vendor or a new product line with an existing vendor.  It has also sometimes meant ordering in goods for our clients via retail channels when our suppliers are out of stock or have backorders that are unacceptable for you.  We do what it takes.  Period.

As we move closer to our 35th Anniversary on May 01st of 2023, rest assured that our internal guidelines have not wavered.  We take great pride and satisfaction in delivering quality, creative solutions to our customers, day in and day out.  Large corporations and the newest entrepreneur both receive the same level of dedication and attention to detail from the entire team at MOBO.

We trust that you witness our commitment with every order and thank you for a phenomenal 2022.  Looking forward to exceeding your expectations in 2023!

-Team MOBO

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