Music Festival Giveaways

  • May 17, 2022

Outdoor festivals, concerts, and county fairs draw huge crowds! If you’re not taking advantage of such an advertising opportunity, then you should definitely consider it in the future! Here are a few ideas for music festival giveaways!


You’d think that people would bring their own sunglasses to an outdoor festival or event, but that’s not always the case. And what happens if their pair breaks? Or what if they lose them? What do you know; you’ll have a spare pair to hand out! Not only are sunglasses useful, but they’re stylish as well. We recommend the Daytona Sunglasses. Daytona features UV400 protective durable drop-tested lens, polycarbonate frames and is packaged with protective film on lens.

Water Bottles

What happens when people stand outside in hot weather for a long period of time? They get thirsty and dehydrated. Sure, there are water fountains around, but people get tired of walking back and forth when they could be enjoying a show in the front row or playing a game with friends. Keep them from missing out on anything important by handing out a water bottle with your logo, which is sure to get a lot of use. Saving people from dehydration and promoting your company at the same time is a definite win-win. One of our favourites is the Functionista 750 ml Push-Pull Sports Bottle. Soft and squeezable with a screw on top lid with push-pull top drink spout. Also features comfort finger grips on one side.

Drawstring Backpacks

This is one item that will come in handy without a doubt! You’re bound to get some kind of merchandise at concerts, and you’re bound to win trinkets and prizes at fairs. Whether it’s a t-shirt, a poster, a CD, or an adorable stuffed animal, attendees probably won’t want to carry it around in their arms the entire day. A personalized backpack takes care of that problem so that people have free arms to walk with food and beverages (or dance around in front row), while holding all of their treasures. Check out this Quick Sling Budget Backpack! It has a drawstring closure and comes in a wide color selection.

These are just a few promotional products you could hand out at a festival or major outdoor event. For more giveaway ideas for fairs and concerts, reach out to We would love to work with you!
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  • Team MOBO

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