May MOBOPro Marketing Newsletter

  • May 1, 2023

Happy 35th Anniversary MOBO!

Our message this month is a simple, but heartfelt one of thanks to you!  The entire team here at MOBO knows and values your essential role in our daily lives.  Without you, we would not be here, loving what we do, day in and day out!

The long-standing loyalty, the incredible reviews and the constant referrals you give us are a blessing. They inspire us and keep us going even when the days are hard.  That comes back to you full circle because we have employees that thrive on doing their best for the entire MOBO family, including you!

Here are some comments from our staff about working on Team MOBO that we wanted to share with you as you enable them to have these daily experiences.

“…everyone is so kind and welcoming. There is always someone ready to answer a question, offer help or even just give you a sweet compliment!  Everyone genuinely cares for one another. Lots of companies say they are like a family, but MOBO actually delivers on that which makes the work easier and more enjoyable.”

- Aislynn

“…I love working here because I can be my weird self with no judgements. Bob and Juanita truly value every staff member which is awesome and refreshing.”

-       Keani

“...this is the first workplace I have felt like my personal health and safety matters. It seems a simple thing but I’ve never had that before.”

- Ave

“…it feels like family. I have always felt like MOBO was more than just a job. It’s home.”

- Angela

“People here are nice. They recognize and appreciate your hard work.”

- April

Wishing you all a fabulous month of May!  Stay safe and enjoy the warmer weather!

-Team MOBO

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