Marketing Opportunities of Days of Observance

  • Jan 12, 2022

Using Days of Observance and Holidays in your marketing strategy can be a great way for your business to spread awareness about a cause and boost your engagement rates. Whether it’s International Women’s Day or Day of Happiness, there’s no shortage of things to celebrate with the world celebrating something different almost every day.

Here are a few days of observance that offer a marketing opportunity for your business.

Pink Shirt Day

As simple as it may be to wear a pink shirt in the workplace, it can be very impactful as it helps raise awareness about an important cause. Pink Shirt Day in Canada was originally about stopping bullying in school. While the day of observance has its roots with students, it has expanded to be about so much more! Many organizations have taken on supporting Pink Shirt Day as bullying and harassment occurs so often in the workplace. Supporting Pink Shirt Day is a great opportunity to showcase the values your organization supports such as putting people first, integrity and respect. Raise awareness by rocking one of these Pink-Shirt Day pins on February 23rd! You have the option to choose one of the existing designs or get creative and design your own!  These happen to be our featured product of the week! Check out our website for more information.

Orange Shirt Day

Another very important cause that only requires wearing a colored shirt, is Orange Shirt Day. This year, MOBO saw first hand the inventory challenges many of our suppliers faced due to the immense support of Orange Shirt Day.  Orange Shirt Day is a very significant day as its purpose is to educate people about residential schools in Canada. Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity for organizations to raise awareness and show their commitment towards reconciliation. The Adult Gildan Ultra-Cotton T-Shirt is a great option for your organizations' orange shirt. Though this event is not until September 30th, we highly recommend getting your shirts early to avoid shortages.

Earth Day

About 30% of Gen Z workers said in a survey that they would take a pay cut to work for a company with a mission they cared deeply about. This generation grew up hearing about the importance of climate change and social causes. Companies that make an effort to reduce their carbon footprint and source material locally are likely to win the loyalty of both Gen Z and millennials.

One way to show your support is to take part in a local cleanup! Earth Day is all about getting involved in direct action. Cleanups are an impactful and fun way for your organization to get their hands dirty for nature. The Meewasin Valley Authority hosts an annual Clean-Up campaign that your organization can participate in this year to represent your business! A great marketing opportunity for this day of observance. Keep watch on the Meewasin Valley Authority’s social media for the date!

Another way your organization can contribute to a greener workspace is choosing eco friendly promotional products. Eco-friendly products contribute to helping the environment by not using materials that are harmful. Some of our favorites include these Ecologist Notebook Combo, Vineu Cotton Tote with Zipper, and this Arterisa Wheat Fibre Utensil Set. All of these are great options for employee and customer gifts. Check out our website for more!

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