Importance of Sunglasses for Eye Health

  • Apr 5, 2022

Having a pair of sunglasses has gone beyond being a fashion accessory.  Sunglasses also do a great job of protecting your eyes. Studies show that eyes are susceptible to damage from the sun’s UV rays. It’s important to maintain your optimal eye health and sunglasses can help you do it. Here are some reasons why you should wear sunglasses.

Prevents Eye Conditions

Research states that eye conditions like cataracts can develop from excessive exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If you wear a pair of sunglasses that protect against UV radiation, you can lower your risk of developing these eye conditions.

Prevents Cancer

Studies report that a number of eye cancers are associated with extreme exposure to UV radiation. You can lower your risk if you wear sunglasses that protect against UVB and UVA radiation completely.

Helps Prevent Migraines and Headaches

Extremely bright sunlight can trigger terrible headaches and migraines for some people. With the right pair of sunglasses, you can get all the sun you want without risking the agony!

It’s true that sunglasses can help you look hip and fresh. If you choose correctly, they can also keep you safe from harmful UV rays. These Sunglasses have polarized coated lenses that helps reduce glare. Polarized lenses protect your eyes from the sun. These sunglasses happen to be our featured product of the week!

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