How to Start Journaling

  • Aug 16, 2023

Some of us can relate to keeping a diary as a kid. It was a place to pour out all your emotions—an outlet where you could have your thoughts and feelings finalized on paper. As you reached adulthood, you may have stopped writing in your diary. But it is never too late to pick it up again for your mental health. Now is the time to start journaling!

Journaling can help you:

·         Manage anxiety

·         Reduce stress

·         Work through depression

·         Improve your mood

·         Identity negative thoughts and behavior

·         Positive self-reflection

·         Set and accomplish goals

·         Tracking your daily habits, routines, symptoms

After knowing all of these benefits, how can you get started?

·         Try writing every day – setting aside a few minutes can help you write in your journal regularly.

·         Have a pen and notebook handy – Ideas and thoughts can pop up unexpectedly, and you want to be able to capture them. You can also write journal entries on your cellphone.

·         Write or doodle when ready – you shouldn't have to force it. Let your words and ideas flow freely.

·         Write about anything that comes to mind, including goals, reflections, questions, activities, struggles, compliments, quotes, etc.

A journal can help organize and clarify your thoughts, especially when swamped with emotions. Your journal can be personal and something you share – it's up to you. Look forward to your writing time because you're doing something good for your mind and body!

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- Team MOBO

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