How to Record a Great Video

  • Sep 13, 2023

Your phone can help capture memories and content that can last a life time. We see videos constantly and use them to communicate and engage with others. With some simple tips, you can create high quality videos for your professional or personal life. Let’s take a look at the following tips:

Find the Right Location

If you are filming an interview or song cover, then you want to find a space that does not disturb your audio. Avoid times of the day when there are too many interruptions. A space without loud air conditioning or heating noise is preferable.

The location is important because it can give context to the video and enhance the look and feel of the video.

Good Lighting

You want to keep your shot well lit so that the person or subject matter is visible and clear. Natural light is a great option because it does not cost anything and looks stunning – it has a soft and cinematic vibe.

Studio lights can be a good investment as you increase production and quality. Some light equipment includes a key light, rim light, reflectors and more.


Your composition and background is important because it can either draw in or distract your audience. You should opt for a background shot that is not cluttered or distracting. Following the rule of thirds can help draw the viewers eye and place emphasis on the subject. Your camera level should also be level with the face and not titled up to avoid capturing nostrils or unwanted lights.

Test Recording

A test recording helps you identify any problems with the sound quality, lighting or compositions early on in the filming process.

Landscape vs Portrait Mode

The mode depends on the type of video and social media platform you are using. Landscape mode is highly favored as it allows for a much better viewing experience.

Write A Script

A script can help the video process flow smoother because you have an idea of what you will say and do. This reference document ensures that you do not forget to cover an essential topic or scene. A storyboard can also be used as an alternative if you are not a fan of writing a lot.

Say No to Shaky Footage

Stabilization is essential to high quality videos. Shaky videos look unprofessional and can strain the eyes of the viewer. You can purchase a stabilization attachment for your phone or a tripod to counter this.

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- Team MOBO 


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