How to Improve in Running

  • May 31, 2023

Are you interested in running? Lucky for you there are millions of people who regularly jog and reap the benefits of this workout. Running is one of the most accessible exercise forms, but can be rather intimidating as a beginner. It is more than just getting a new pair of shoes and seeing how fast you can go. To help you out on your fitness journey, here are some tips on how to improve in the sport of running:

1.    Start with walking – You want to ease into a consistent cardio routine, and then progress to adding walks in between a run. This just reduce the risk of injury and builds endurance.

2.    Control your pace – New runners often run too fast at the start and then burn out. To avoid that, you want to set a steady pace/tempo. If you can talk comfortably speed up and if you are gasping then slow down.

3.    Avoid running everyday – You don’t want to overload your body by running all week. Start off with a run three times a week and slowly build up to six times a week.

4.    Focus on time instead of distance – Measuring your runs with minutes can help with consistency.

5.    Get comfortable running shoes – comfort is a priority, especially if you’re on your feet constantly.

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- Team MOBO

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