How To Care For Your Golf Clubs

  • Mar 29, 2023

Taking care of your equipment is essential, whether on or off the course. By keeping your golf clubs in good condition, you can use them for years. However, maintenance is more than just cleaning the clubs.

Here are some ways to care for your golf clubs:

·         Proper Storage – You should always store your golf clubs inside. If you leave them in the car or under hot temperatures, the glue that holds the grip and club head together will loosen.

·         Keep Golf Clubs Dry – If you store your golf club while wet, rust can grow on the shaft. Always make sure to dry them off beforehand.

·         Get a Golf Towel – Carry a golf towel (or even a rag) during games. You can use the towel to wipe down your club throughout the round.

·         Clean Club Heads Consistently – You should clean your golf clubs after a few rounds to remove any dirt and debris stuck inside the groves. You only need a bristled brush, warm water, soap and a golf towel.

·         Clean Grips – Remove stains from sunscreen, sweat, dirt and debris from the grips. This step helps the grip last longer.

·         Check the Grip – Double-check for slickness or worn areas that might tear. If you see any signs, you should replace the grip. You can re-grip it yourself or go to a golf shop.

·         Check the Shafts – Double-check for any dents, nicks, and splits on the shafts. If you see any damage, you should replace the shaft right away.

·         Get Headcovers – Headcovers help protect the club heads when taking them out of the bag or during a ride on a golf cart.

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- Team MOBO




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