Hidden Features of Tape Measures

  • Nov 2, 2022


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As you know, tape measures are a must-have for any household or construction project. There are some fantastic features that you may not know though! Today, we are sharing seven hidden parts of the average tape measure:


1.       Curve – Why is the blade curved? This concave design helps keep it stiff when extended and more readable.


2.       Nail Slot – Why is there a notch on the end of your tape measure? You can hook that notch on a nail if you don’t have anyone to hold it.


3.       Adjustable End – Why is the metal end loose? The end is flexible, so you can measure any surface accurately and not count the thickness of the metal end.


4.       Specially-Shaped Hook – Why are some hooks on tape measures shaped differently? To allow you to hook onto a surface from all sides.


5.       Scribing Tool – Why is the hook serrated? If you don’t have a pencil to make a mark, you can scratch onto the surface instead with the metal end.


6.       Corner Measurements – Why is a little measurement imprinted outside the tape measure? This number is for measuring corners. Instead of bending your tape when you reach a corner, you check the number on the tape and add that with the imprinted number.


7.       Black Diamond – Why are there diamonds along the blade? These mark standard spacing for trusses when building a roof.


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- Team MOBO



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