Edible Promotional Giveaway Ideas

  • Jan 5, 2022

Edible promotional giveaways are nothing new, but often an overlooked marketing approach. You know what they say, “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Well the same holds true for your customers and employees! Keep reading this blog for some edible promotional giveaway ideas.


What is better than a good cookie? A personalized cookie! Some of our favorites include this Standard Iced Logo Shortbread Cookie. These cookies speak for themselves with your logo or design printed directly onto the icing. This standard size is a 3” cookie. Standard shapes are round, rectangle or square and custom shapes can be accommodated on request. Their shelf life is 2 weeks from delivery.

Another one of our favorites is this Custom Round Shaped Chocolate Covered Cookie. Combine chocolate with a shortbread cookie and get a great gourmet marketing message. These promotional chocolate logo cookies let you harness this winning combination for an elegant, unusual business tool. These cookies are great for client giveaways, business meetings, trade show tables and employee gifts. The shelf life of this cookie is 9 months.  They are delicious!


Not all edible promotional items need to be completely edible. You can put edibles inside packaging with your logo or company name and your customers still get to enjoy something good to snack on! For example, check out this Small Pillow Boxes with delicious treats! This small pillow box is a great trade show item and can be filled with your choice of candy and confections. Some of the fills include chocolate buttons, jelly beans, Mike & Ike’s ®, Assorted Silly Bananas, Skittles and Starzmania Candy.

Another option are these Large Candy Boxes.  Have your logo or company name printed on the sticker located front and center of these clear acetate boxes. The list of fills for this one is endless! One of the them, the Peach Heart candies, is our featured product of this week! A perfect item for Valentine’s Day! Make sure to check that out after your are finished reading this blog.

Tin Can Items

Taking it one step further, you may choose packaging that is a bit more durable than plastic. One of our top choices is this Collectors Tin Peppermint Bark. Your customers and employees will be licking their fingers to get every last morsel of this memorable gift! This large tin is filled with 8 two ounce pieces of Peppermint Bark and has decorative options to make your gift memorable.

Another great option is this Window Tin with Sour Patch Kids. It can be hard to part ways with a solid, well designed candy tin. Meaning your customer can get more than one use out of this item!

There you have it! A variety of edible promotional giveaway ideas for you to try out this year. If you are interested in adding edible items to your promotions, reach out to marketing@mobopro.com

Thanks for reading!

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