Difference Between Toques & Beanies

  • Nov 16, 2022


Winter is here, and a hat is needed to keep you warm and stylish. There are many hats to choose from, but what is the difference between toques and beanies?

A toque, by definition, is a brimless hat. Toques typically have pom-poms and are slightly larger than beanies and knitted with thicker wool or materials. It is more of a broad category than a specific hat style. Although this depends on where you live, people can sometimes use the words interchangeably. If you're in Canada, a "toque" is the equivalent of what the US calls a "beanie."

A beanie, by definition, is a small, close-fitted hat worn off the back of the head. Beanies are lighter and usually cotton, acrylic, wool or fleece. It is a specific hat style. People like to wear beanies, so that excess material on the top hangs around rather than firmly covering the head.

It turns out that "toques" and "beanies" don't always mean the same thing as many people would believe. A beanie can be categorized as a toque because it is a hat with no brim. Generally, toques are usually knitted and have pom-poms, while beanies are thinner and light enough to wear even when it's not winter. However, while knowing this, don't blame yourself for getting confused when a Canadian and an American point at a hat and say two different things.

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- Team MOBO

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