Difference Between Post-It Notes & Sticky Notes

  • Sep 6, 2023

Our featured product of the week is the Post-It Note Pad which is made by 3M. Quite often we get asked about the differences between Post-It Notes and Sticky Notes...

Adhesive notes vary depending on the end result and the brand. While the two share the same purpose, such as writing notes, studying, reminders, and much more, they are not made the same.

Here the advantages of Post-It Notes in comparison to Sticky Notes:

  • Sticky enough to be grouped together for long durations without wear
  • You are able to peel off the top Post-It Note while the rest remain stuck together
  • Easily removeable so that you can repeatedly take page on and off
  • No leftover glue after each page is peeled off
  • You can write on it with any kind of writing instrument
  • Peeled Post-It notes are smoother and do not curl along the adhesive edge

Are you looking to add note pads to your supply list? Check out our featured product, the 3M Post-It Note Pad with your logo. Call us to place your order at 306.249.4318. We are happy to address any questions you may have.

- Team MOBO 


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