Cooler Bags vs Hard-Sided Coolers

  • Jul 12, 2023

With so many cooler options available choosing which will best suit your lifestyle can take time and effort. Whether you live an active lifestyle or go out occasionally, you need a suitable cooling item to keep your food and drinks cool and safe, especially in the summer.

How do we choose the right one? First, we have to understand the difference between them. Coolers are grouped into two categories: cooler bags and hard-sided coolers. Below we have listed some information on both to help with your decision.

Hard Insulated Cooler

·         Made of hard plastic

·         Bulky

·         Awkward to carry around

·         Becomes heavy fast so option with wheels might be best

·         Requires lots of space

·         Stores large amounts of food and drinks

·         It keeps your items cold for a long time

·         Perfect for long, hot days

Cooler Bag

·         Made of nylon, polyester or canvas with insulated lining

·         High-end cooler bags are made of water-resistant materials

·         Easy to carry (comes with handles or adjustable straps)

·         Lightweight

·         Small to store

·         Stylish

·         Easy to clean

·         Great for the beach, golfing and small events

Hopefully, these points will give you insight into which cooler fits your needs. Thinking of a brand-new cooler bag this summer? Check out our featured product, the Stormtech Salt Spring Cooler Bag, with your logo. Call us to place your order at 306.249.4318. 

- Team MOBO

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