Ciklo – First pen made in Canada

  • Jun 5, 2024

The ciklo is the first pen to be designed, sourced, and manufactured in Quebec using post-consumer recycled plastic, making the ciklo itself completely recyclable. Being made in Canada means that there’s a 99% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to pens that were made in Asia. Below are some more notable facts about the ciklo.

  • ciklo is made entirely in Quebec and goes through nine different companies on its journey through production.
  • The plastic is coloured using eco-friendly dyes.
  • The mark on the side of the barrel is left over from the injection molding process; other pens often cover the mark with chemically treated plastic or more paint.
  • Any pen casings that don’t pass quality control are recycled into new casings.
  • Only 4 grams of CO2 are produced in the production of a ciklo, around the same amount as sending an email.
  • Ciklo production is run on hydroelectric power.

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- Team MOBO

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