Caring for your Cell Phone

  • Oct 5, 2022

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In today's society, we are constantly on our cell phones. These little devices play a central role in daily communication and can be quite an investment. You have also probably seen someone with a large crack on their phone before or perhaps had it happen to you. How can you take care of this essential tool properly?

Here are some ways to keep your cell phone in its best condition:

1)      Purchase a screen protector and case – Dropping your phone is expected, so it is better to be safe than having a cracked screen.

2)      Keep your phone dry – Water can damage your device and cause a potential hazard if you are not careful.

3)      Avoid extreme temperatures – Hot and cold temperate can damage your phone (screen surface and internal parts). Do not leave your phone out in the sun; turn it off if you feel it is overheating.

4)      Update your software – Some features on your phone might not work if you have outdated software.

5)      Replace the battery – Always check if your battery is the issue instead of throwing out your phone.

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- Team MOBO

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