Boating Safety

  • Jun 14, 2023

Boating and fishing are a popular activity for many. However, accidents can happen no matter how much experience you have. That’s why it crucial for you to understand boating safety before you head out on your next fishing trip.

Here are some boating safety tips:

1.    Boating safety course – Being properly trained helps your gain experience and useful knowledge.

2.    Check the weather – You can’t control the boat if the weather is against your favor. Don’t go boating during a storm, hurricane, heavy rain, thunder, etc. You want to make sure everyone and everything comes back in one piece.

3.    Double check the boat’s condition – You want to make sure there isn’t any damage to the boat that can cause it to sink or crash.

4.    Prepare essentials and emergency supply – Bring food, water, first aid kit and other supplies just in case.

5.    Have life jackets for everyone – Life jackets are important in the event of an emergency. They keep people afloat in rough waters, protect against hyperthermia and keep the head above water.

6.    Avoid alcohol and dangerous behaviors – Alcohol contributes to many deadly boating accidents. Stay safe and leave alcohol on land.

7.    Know how to swim – This skill can make a difference, especially if you’re not able to secure a life jacket in time.

8.    Practice safety procedures

9.    Travel at a safe speed – For the safety of you, your passengers and other boats in the area, maintain an appropriate speed to avoid collisions.

1.  Follow navigation rules

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- Team MOBO

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