Benefits of Wine Aeration

  • Nov 8, 2023

Wine aeration is a method of enhancing the flavor of wine. It is a result of exposing wine to air in order to trigger oxidation and evaporation. You are able to bring out the best of the wine with little effort. Here are some of the benefits of aerating wine:

Enhance Flavors

Aerating your wine can boost the taste and aromas by evaporating bad tasting compounds. However, aeration does not change the quality of a wine. Some types of wine are better for aerating than others. Young wines are the best in this case. For example, red wines benefit more from aeration because of their high tannic profile. The aeration would help evaporate the tannins a bit, softening the wine’s strong taste and making it more approachable to drink.

Reach Peak Tasting Faster

Aerating your wine can help it reach its peak faster. However, it can make your wine flatten out sooner, losing that enhanced flavor you sought after. To stop this from happening don’t let the wine sit in your glass for a long time.

Evaporate Disliked Compounds

There are disliked sulfites and ethanol compounds present in wine. Aerating your wine can help fasten the process of evaporating these compounds.

Aeration is an instant process. There are various tools that you can use to aerate wine, such as the pour and swirl method, decanters, and aerators. Out of all these options, the dedicated aerators are the best way of oxygenating wine.

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- Team MOBO


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