April 2024 MOBO Pro Newsletter

  • Apr 1, 2024

Sports Brands


Good day!

Will we actually get to see grass sprouting this month?  Only time will tell, but one thing that always gets the golfer’s excited for the new season is watching the Masters which starts on the 08th. When you watch the Masters Tournament you are watching the best golfers in the world, and while you do the clothing brands they represent and wear are always prominently displayed for the cameras to catch.

That is fine for the professional athlete but when it comes to corporate apparel, quite often you had to pause and consider whose brand you were actually going to promote…theirs or yours?

Thankfully, we are seeing a shift in logo prominence for many of the major sporting brands this year.  Subtle coloring, smaller icons and placement have all shifted slightly.  Here are some examples of what we have noticed;

  • Under Armour has a new Recycled Men’s and Ladies polo that has moved their branding to the sleeve cuff and a tonal image on the upper back, leaving your logo for the desired left front chest. This is a huge step for them as you can see in the attached new 2024 UA catalogue.



  • Adidas has really switched things up and we love it!  Here is their new 3 Stripes Full Zip Jacket and their Space Dyed Quarter Zip, both of which are showing more subtlety and refinement.



  • Puma’s new Cloudspun polo is also getting a thumbs up with their left sleeve placement.



  • We have to say Champion has always been cognizant for the need to leave the choice logo placement positions for the corporate customer’s logo and yet still be instantly recognizable as a Champion garment such as this Adult Packable Anorak.



  • One of our favorite brands for logo placement though has to be Spyder, as evidenced here on the ladies Spyre polo…so subtle and unique!


The team at MOBO will always guide you on the best sports brands and subsequent logo placement to ensure the first impression made with your custom apparel is your brand.

Watch for specials on some of these pieces this month. We wish you a fabulous, sun filled, grass-sprouting month of April!  FORE!

-       Team MOBO    

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