Actions Organizations Can Take To Be More Eco-Friendly

  • Apr 19, 2022

We know that due to climate change outcomes, many organizations are and will be greatly affected in the future. Yet, many do not know how to take action. In celebration of Earth Day, here are 3 actions that all companies can put in place to contribute in the fight against global warming.

Raise Awareness

Organizations can play a role in raising awareness with their employees, consumers, media and other stakeholders. Organizing in-house contests or campaigns to raise awareness on sustainability issues is a great place to start. Partner with outside organizations who share the same passions and do something that is powerful and stays top of mind.

Choose Sustainable Suppliers/Products

Each company also has a reasonability regarding the partners they choose to work with. Choosing a supplier can also be an environmentally-friendly choice. Companies should make the efforts to choose suppliers who demonstrate they have good environmental practices. MOBO Promotional Solutions has put in tremendous efforts in making the organization “greener”. In addition to choosing a more eco-friendly decorating process (Digital Print) MOBO has made a large selection of sustainable products available to their clients. This week, these Eco Pens are on special.

Reduce Waste and Fight Obsolescence

A way to reduce the climate footprint of a business is to reduce the amount of waste generated. Whether it is the industrial waste of a large company or the paper waste of a small to medium sized enterprise, all companies produce waste. Avoiding disposable cups, stir sticks and capsules for the coffee machine. Instead, provide kitchen utensils and order a supply of branded coffee mugs while ensuring the coffee pods you provide are recyclable at the very least. You can also create a movement to go paperless and reduce printing as much as possible.  Reusing paper as drafts or scrap paper while sorting waste for recycling correctly are also steps you can take. There are plenty of solutions depending on the facilities and an organization’s core business.  It’s also important to use equipment and devices properly to avoid deteriorations and repairs.

What about your company? How many of these actions have you as an organization implemented? See how you can help your company become more sustainable and start today!

Thanks for reading!

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