6 Ways to Use Custom Water Bottles to Enhance your Brand

  • Jun 21, 2022

Custom water bottles are a versatile companion for all of your gifting needs – from employees to customers and even the (potential) client. What’s more, you can customize it perfectly to fit your branding. Care for some inspo? Here are six ways to use custom Water Bottles for your brand:


In the beginning, there were (new) employees. Making any new hire feel welcome, and allowing them to get a real sense of your brand identity with a thoughtful gift is a great way to integrate them into the company. Why not squeeze a personalized Water Bottle in their welcome pack to help them stay focused and hydrated at work and beyond?

Employee reward

Onboarding gifts are a great move, but your existing team deserves a treat too. Whether it’s to celebrate a milestone, for seasonal gifting, or simply because you want to recognize their hard work, a thoughtful gift always goes a long way.

Client gift basket

What’s a company without stellar clients? Making them feel valued and cared for is essential in order to foster loyalty and create long-lasting relationships. Slip a custom Water Bottle with your logo on it into a treats-packed gift basket to demonstrate what’s to come in your partnership. Plus, they’ll never forget you!

Event swag

Trade shows and events are back. Which can only mean one thing. Swag bags are back too! If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need swag that will survive the ride home. It’s easy to find custom merch, but it can be more challenging to create unique, long-lasting products people want to hold on to forever.

Good news: our personalized Water Bottles belong to the latter category. Sprinkle some Round Stickers, your Business Card and a custom Notebook on top and you’ll soon get those phone calls you were hoping for.

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If you’re rebranding, there’s nothing better than custom gifts to introduce your new identity to employees and clients alike. Show your new colours everywhere. Custom bottles are a great way to (literally) keep your brand fresh.

Ready to go custom for your next move? From subtle to all-round showcase, get in touch with us today to get you started on your branded water bottles.

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