5 Top Types of Promotional Bags

  • Jun 14, 2022

One of the big advantages of promotional bags is how many different styles there are, all of which can be easily customized to show off your brand.  So, whether your clients are frequent shoppers or regular gym-goers, there is sure to be a promotional bag that perfectly suits their needs.

Tote Bags

Colourful cotton tote bags are low-cost and easy to customize, with each side of the tote providing you with a perfect place to display your brand’s logo.

Shopping Bags

You could go even go with a more budget friendly and practical large branded shopper in a range of colours.

Eco Bags

Ideal for the eco-conscious consumer who wants a bit more room in their bag, eco bags with gussets have wide appeal.

Cooler Bags

Set your clients up well for their next picnic or camping trip with a sturdy nylon cooler bag that puts your brand’s logo front and center. These lunch coolers are our featured product of the week, so make sure to check that out after reading.

Duffle Bags

Whether your business serves frequent travelers or the gym fans of the world, consider offering our duffle bags emblazoned with your business’s branding.

These are only some suggestions to help get you started on your next promotion. If you are interested in exploring more options for your company, reach out to marketing@mobopro.com and we would love to connect!

Thanks for reading!

  • Team MOBO

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