Things to Consider When Buying Branded Pens

A promotional pen is the #1 item given as they are always used and appreciated. The choices are endless, so having an expert assisting you in choosing the perfect pen is advised.

Remember that all pens are not created equal and this is one commodity where you do get what you pay for. Some initial things to consider:

  • Wide range of decorating options to choose from now, including full digital wraps which help make your pen stand out as truly unique.
  • The materials you choose: plastic, metal or wood, will affect the cost.
  • Always buy the maximum amount. You can afford this as this is one commodity where volume does matter in a favorable way!
  • You can choose the color of ink, various comfort features and whether or not to include a stylus at the end.
  • Consider final packaging options, too: poly bagged individually or perhaps a velvet-like pouch?
  • Always check with us for the current specials being offered by our manufacturers.

Be sure to call us before you order, as our suppliers often have great sales on quality options in writing instruments.

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