Choosing a Promotional Item for an Awareness Campaign

Lending your support to a cause is always a sound business strategy as it shows you care about your community. Here at MOBO, one of our core values is that we “reinvest in the community that supports us”. Your employees will be proud to volunteer for any given cause you choose and that in turn helps with retention.

When trying to choose an item for an awareness campaign, keep in mind that while most causes have a dedicated color, i.e. pink for breast cancer, blue for prostate, you have two logos you need to take into consideration, sometimes more if there are other sponsors involved. If your own logo, or that of a sponsor, is the same color the specific cause uses, you may have to go to a neutral colored item that will showcase both or all brands.

Ideally you want an item that speaks for the cause itself.
  • Some examples for Earth Day might be: flower pots, seed packets, recycled water bottles or bags.
  • Gay pride support might be best shown by having your employees in a variety of t-shirt colors so that when they walk in the parade, they look like a rainbow.
  • Perhaps a teddy bear with a personalized t-shirt would be suitable if your audience are children or if the cause is in support of children.
Whichever cause you are choosing to support and raise awareness for, we can help. Please give us a call and speak to one of our marketing consultants or stop in to our showroom. Coffee is always on!
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