Apparel – Corporate

Your staff is the face of your company so ensure they are “dressed for success” as there is only one first impression! Whenever staff is out of the office for an event, you might consider dressing them professionally to help build brand equity for your company.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • When choosing a colour, determine where the clothing will be worn and when; summer/winter, indoors/outdoors? If you are dressing staff for a tradeshow, consider bright colours to help them stand out. Using your brand’s colours is always a safe approach and ensures they can wear the items again.
  • In choosing the type of clothing for your corporate apparel programs, again the when and where are key, but also consider the cleaning requirements. Will the fabric hold up for weekly washing?
  • Ensure you use the sizing charts provided by our suppliers for every apparel item we sell. Distribute to your staff and get them to choose their applicable sizing. We can always provide you with a full size range of samples too! Call us for more info at 306-249-4318.
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