The #2 Best Promotional Item to Give for Maximum Exposure

So, do you choose a ball cap or a toque? There are so many options but the following information from our MOBO Promotional Solutions Buying Guide for Consumers – Simplifying Promotional Products, may help you decide.


  • The first step is to establish a maximum budget per item and then work from that point. Some manufacturers require minimum quantities.
  • Consider the technical attributes in ball caps and which are critical for you or for your staff/customers; moisture wicking, breathability, sweatbands, wind & water resistant, water repellant, odor resistant and those that offer permanent shaping.
  • Consider the type of closure you prefer.
  • Consider the placement of your logo and any personalization you may want on your hats.
  • For toques, make sure to consider the size and the weather elements faced when wearing...will it cover the ears and neck for extreme cold?
  • Our showroom is fully stocked with samples for you to try! Stop in!
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